With commercial renovation or expansion, we understand the importance of uptime for your customers. Our seamless, detailed, and hassle-free approach streamlines the permitting process to get construction started as quickly as possible.



The space between the inception and realization of a commercial project can seem daunting especially with the complexities of commercial permitting. Permit has worked with thousands of architects over the last 25 years, and from that experience, we provide a seasoned bank of working knowledge and advocates to help facilitate your permitting process, every step of the way.


When timing and quality have zero room for error, your permitting process must be smooth and complete. With over 25 years of cumulative knowledge within the commercial development space, we’ve got your back. Our technology for making this process quick, seamless and hassle-free has made us the #1 choice for project managers who outsource the permit management process. We have worked with thousands of malls, retail establishments and building departments across the country, ever-growing our expertise in understanding nuances of local codes and related permitting requirements.

The result is an ability to forecast where issues may present themselves and proactively resolve them before they result in costly delays. Our relationships with local offices further enhance our ability to rapidly move permits through the approval process without the speed bumps others typically face. It‘s why we can offer you a 100% guarantee that any permitting project we handle for you will be done right, and on time. So if you have upcoming permitting needs, contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you save time, money and frustration.