Architects are no strangers to details, and that’s exactly how we help with your permitting process. Making sure plans meet code compliance and proper submission requirements, we take care of the details, so you can focus on your designs.



Architectural design can break the mold in creative, lofty, and ingenious ways. The reality is that behind those perfect curves and elevations are a myriad of building codes, submission requirements and, of course, deadlines. Permit has worked with thousands of architects over the last 25 years, and from that experience, we provide a seasoned bank of working knowledge and advocates to help facilitate your permitting process, every step of the way.


Precision is important to you. We’re proud to say that our measured accuracy rate for finalizing permitting orders correctly and on time exceeds 99%. This industry-leading record stems from quality control procedures and experienced staff that are second to none. Redundant quality checks throughout the process ensure that all requirements for plan review are handled prior to filing applications. Our consistency and thoroughness have helped shape our reputation – giving building officials a comfort level that our applications will be error-free and in accordance with local requirements.


Time is money, and no one likes to miss a deadline. To ensure all goes according to plan, our team maintains a watchful eye on the project schedule, keeping track of tasks, key milestones and dates. This helps facilitate a smooth, streamlined review process. Our cumulative knowledge and latest generation plan submittal technology allows us to provide another impressive advantage — a 100% guarantee that any permitting project we handle for you will be done right and on time. So if you have upcoming permitting needs, let’s talk about how we can help you save time, money and frustration.