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Where permitting is done right and on time. 100% Guaranteed

Let’s face it, most building professionals don’t consider obtaining building permits the highlight of their jobs. Yet, we all know it is a critical step of construction and renovation, since projects sit at a red light without them. Even worse, delays in securing the required permits can mean schedules, budgets and nerves get stretched. For this reason, thousands of building and project management professionals like you turn to Permit.com every year — to ensure every phase of the permitting process from plan submittal to delivery of approved permits goes flawlessly.

You’ll find this trust in us is well placed. After all, in 25+ years of managing nearly 200,000 permit projects, in over 10,000 municipalities, our success rate exceeds 99% for finalizing permitting requests correctly and on time. This unparalleled performance standard is why Permit.com is the #1 choice in North America for those who outsource the permit management process. In addition, we are a national company with personal relationships in building departments throughout almost every major city in the U.S. This, along with our familiarity of local codes, makes us especially effective at working on your behalf to resolve permitting issues prior to them turning into costly delays.

All said, you can rely on our professionalism, expertise and highly efficient technology to deliver your permits on time, with no mistakes. In fact, this is 100% guaranteed, which means you can have complete peace of mind and allow your staff focus on other business priorities. So if you have upcoming permitting needs, click here, and let’s talk about how we can help you save time, money and needless frustration.


After 25+ years, our success rate continues to exceed 99% for finalizing permit requests correctly and on time. In fact, we make the following guarantee: If you do not obtain your plan approval on time after following our team’s procedures, we will be happy to return the management fee in full. No questions asked.


At Permit™, we are committed to providing customers with an unparalleled experience. When you work with us, you will be happy with the outcome — guaranteed. We can say this with confidence because over the last 25 years our record for completing jobs correctly and on time exceeds 99%.

Our values play a vital role in supporting this achievement, as they shape our client relationships and the subsequent success stories. They include:

  • We listen, we care, we serve
  • We follow through and do what we say we are going to do
  • We do what it takes to get the job done
  • We empower our team members to make decisions and generate results
  • We practice open, real communication
  • We face challenges with optimism
  • We check our egos at the door
  • We innovate and constantly improve
  • We always do the right thing
  • Our customers always come first–they are why we are here
  • We understand that time is money, so time wasted is money wasted – we keep things moving to ensure our clients’ jobs are handled cost-effectively